Belgica De Weerd Belga Recharge caps


Quick recovery

Contents: 100caps

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Belgica De Weerd Belga Recharge 100 Caps Prepared high quality protein, ideal for a quick recovery after competitions. Avoid protein deficits during the sports season, moulting and breeding. Effective help for the recovery of pigeons after intense efforts. Due to the high content of proteins, in combination with vitamins, amino acids and minerals, in particular, magnesium (2%) and calcium (2%), favors an even faster recovery. Maximizes the conversion of fats from food. Optimizes the preparation for the next flight.


In the sports season: 1 capsule per pigeon on the day of the return and another one in the next day. In the period of breeding and reproduction: if necessary, a maximum of 1 capsule per pigeon per day.


Store in a dry and cool place.


Soybean meal, Casein Wheat protein Palm fat powder, Extracts of tannin, Magnesium citrate, Calcium citrate, Sodium phosphate.

Contents 100caps
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Brand Belgica De Weerd

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