Coolbird Benefit Club (Belgium and The Netherlands only)

You are already a member, or think about becoming one? Check all the details of our membership here:

1. Promotions and member prices for Coolbird Benefit Club members only

At least 4 times a year appealing promotions only for our Coolbird Benefit Club members!
This means: extra savings on products, free supplements and gadgets.

2. Choice between 2 introductory gifts

As a member of the Coolbird Benefit Club, you are entitled to choose between 2 free introductory gifts: 
One free bucket of Belgian Winners Mineral-Vit 2,5kg (pigeons) worth € 7,92 or one free bottle Suskewiet Air spray -180 ml (birds) worth € 16,08.

3. A free voucher with each purchase of at least € 59,50

We are fully aware that, when you make a big order, the gains of halving the shipping cost is of reduced importance to you. That's why we issue free vouchers for each purchase of at least € 59,50:

  • Free voucher of  € 5,00 with each purchase of at least € 59,50 and 50% off of your shipping cost
  • Free voucher of € 7,50 with each purchase of at least € 69,50 and 50% offf of your shipping cost
  • Free voucher of € 10,00 with each purchase of at least € 79,50

You can cash these vouchers at your next purchase with a minimal order value equal to that mentioned on the voucher.

4. 50% off on your shipping cost 

As a member of the Coolbird Benefit Club, for each order (Belgium and The Nederlands only) and during the entire calendar year:

  • Up to € 19,50 not €12,50 but € 6,25 shipping charge
  • From € 19,50 not €10,40 but € 5,20 shipping charge
  • From € 29,50 not €9,40 but € 4,70 shipping charge
  • From € 39,50 not €8,30 but € 4,15 shipping charge
  • From € 49,50 not €6,20 but € 3,10 shipping charge
  • From € 59,50 not €4,10 but € 2,05 shipping charge
  • From € 69,50 not €2,00 but € 1,00 shipping charge
  • From € 79,50 free shipping

So we take half of the shipping cost at our own expense!

You want to join the Coolbird Benefit Club?

Click underneath on the button "Yes I want to become a member". Your membership of € 10,00 will be put in your shopping basket, and all advantages will take effect as soon as you finish your order.